Stupid people want me to protest cop-killing! Morons!

Stupid people want me to protest cop-killing!  Morons!

[Ed. – Emphasis added, to enhance your irony experience.]

Why, the right hysterically asks, is #BlackLivesMatter not protesting the death of NYPD cop Brian Moore…

Before I dive into the substance of why this trope is illogical, let’s be clear about one thing: those asking this question don’t really care about slain NYPD officer Brian Moore. To them, the death of Brian Moore is a political prop. Sure, they don’t wish it happened, but they probably didn’t think about it beyond the degree to which it could trivialize anti-police brutality protesters. … It’s the laziest kind of pseudo-opinion – a testament to our pundit classes’ fetish for gotchaism at the expense of critical thought.

On to why it makes no sense. It’s simple: one doesn’t protest something the system already agrees is bad. That’s it. There’s not much else to it. Protesting is fundamentally a petition to those in power (often, but not always, to the government) based on an injustice that’s ongoing and systemic. If police were being killed with any type of routine sanction by the system or, worse off, being killed by the system, asking why people aren’t protesting their deaths would be an entirely fair and morally urgent question. …

And this is where this jab gets exposed for the asinine talking point that it is. It acts like #BlackLivesMatter is outraged by murder per se, rather than the broader system of white supremacy, inequality, and police immunity that leads to so many senseless murders by police a year – the vast majority of which hardly register a blip on the media radar, let alone lead to a protest.

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