Clintons receive more than $25 million from speeches in past 16 months

Clintons receive more than $25 million from speeches in past 16 months

Hillary and Bill Clinton earned more than $30 million in the past 16 months, with $25 million coming from the delivery of 104 paid speeches and more than $5 million coming from Mrs. Clinton’s book, “Hard Choices.”

Mrs. Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, released the figures on the same day her campaign filed a personal financial disclosure statement going back to the beginning of 2014, which is required by the Federal Election Commission.

Mrs. Clinton’s financial disclosure reported assets ranging from $11.3 million to $52.7 million. She reported no liabilities. In her last financial disclosure before leaving the State Department, which covered 2012, Mrs. Clinton reported assets totaling between $5.2 million and $25.5 million. Government officials are generally required to report financial information in ranges, rather than specifics.

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