Chris Hayes takes Lord’s name in vain, MSNBC fails to bleep

Chris Hayes takes Lord’s name in vain, MSNBC fails to bleep
Photo by MSNBC. Used with permission.

[Ed. – Double standard]

As we all know, MSNBC is painstakingly conscientious to avoid showing any depiction of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, out of a profession of cultural sensitivity and a desire to avoid needless offense to practicing Muslims.

But when it comes to Christians who object to taking the Lord’s name in vain, well, that’s a different story apparently. Witness the May 14 — which happened to be Ascension Day — All In with Chris Hayes where, in a taped segment in which Hayes was shown going through a police-training shooting drill, the MSNBCer let slip the vain invocation, “Jesus Christ!”

Of course MSNBC failed to bleep the imprecation.

Hayes, who was raised Catholic and whose father at one point studied to be a Jesuit, should clearly know how offensive yelling “Jesus Christ!” is to Christians. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

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