College diversity officer: ‘Impossible’ for minority woman to be racist

College diversity officer: ‘Impossible’ for minority woman to be racist
Bahar Mustafa

[Ed. – How convenient]

Bahar Mustafa, a “welfare and diversity officer” at Goldsmiths University in the UK, reacted to accusations that she’s a racist by saying she can’t be one based on how society is set up.

Late last month, the school’s students’ union had organized a meeting about diversifying the curriculum. However, Mustafa took to social media to note that the meeting was only for “BMEs — black and minority ethnic women.”

After media in the UK and US (including The College Fix) pointed out that such an edict is, well, racially exclusionary, Mustafa upped the ante.

The Daily Caller reports:

“There have been charges laid against me that I am racist and sexist towards white men,” she said. “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender, and therefore women of color and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”

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