Why are conservatives soft on police brutality?

Why are conservatives soft on police brutality?

Conor Friedersdorf is upset with conservatives. Specifically, he’s infuriated by their blasé attitude towards police brutality. What will it take, he wonders, to persuade them that our justice system is unjust?

Friedersdorf raises some fair questions. Why, for example, are American citizens 100 times more likely to be shot by policemen than Brits? That seems like a very big number. How comfortable should we be with our high incarceration rates, particularly in light of reports of shoddy forensic science that may have put a non-trivial number of innocents behind bars? Paramilitary police raids (often conducted in the middle of the night, against suspects in non-violent crimes) can no longer reasonably be described as occasional “isolated incidents.” Should we really be okay with that?

Conservatives are usually so eager to champion civil liberties against the whims of oppressive government. So what’s going on here? Why won’t they admit that America today has too many laws and not enough order?

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