Damage to Baltimore caused by riots estimated at $9 million

Damage to Baltimore caused by riots estimated at $9 million

Days of rioting in Baltimore after Freddie Gray’s death caused an estimated $9 million in damage to homes and businesses, the Small Business Administration announced Wednesday.

The damage survey was done in conjunction with the Maryland governor’s office, SBA spokeswoman Carol Chastang told BuzzFeed News in a statement.

According to the preliminary estimates, 284 business were damaged during the days of riots that followed Gray’s death, which occurred as result of injuries he suffered while in Baltimore police custody.

That damage, which included looting and fires, was estimated at $8,927,000, Chastang said.

Two homes also suffered damage estimated at about $60,000, according the report compiled by the Small Business Administration, which provides help to small businesses with information, advocacy, and financial assistance.

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