It’s not hateful to point out Bruce Jenner isn’t a woman

It’s not hateful to point out Bruce Jenner isn’t a woman

Of all the trends currently working their way through journalism, there is perhaps none so baffling as the media’s indulgence in the transgender narrative. Journalists appear to have acquiesced to this ideology en masse. No less a formidable source than the “AP Stylebook” declared a few years ago that Associated Press employees are to use “the pronoun preferred by the individuals” in cases where confusion may arise.

At Vox last week, German Lopez gave a careful explanation as to why Diane Sawyer referred to former Olympian and declared transgender Bruce Jenner as a “he” even as Jenner has declared “I am a woman:” according to GLAAD, Jenner has not yet “requested that a new name or pronoun be used,” and so until he desires to be called “she,” we will continue calling him “he” (even though she is no longer a he).

Journalists should not buy into this. Simply as a matter of factual accuracy, it is nonsensical: if tomorrow I declared myself head of the executive branch of the U.S. government, for instance, the AP would not suddenly be required to call me President Payne. More critical still is the fact that, in getting on board with the transgender ideology, journalists, like a great many well-meaning people, are doing a grave disservice to a segment of the population desperately in need of psychological counseling. People who believe they are transgender do not need the preening and self-congratulatory pandering of the pundit class; they need help, and by accommodating their illness the media are doing them harm.


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