Kentucky family’s children seized by state because of educational choices

Kentucky family’s children seized by state because of educational choices

[Ed. – It doesn’t matter whether you agree with how these parents were schooling their children.  What matters is that the state assumed the authority to take their children away, apparently because THE STATE disagrees with how they’re schooling their children.  That swings the door wide open to the state seizing children because it doesn’t like the parents’ homeschooling curriculum — or it doesn’t like homeschooling, period — or it doesn’t like the private school the parents prefer.]

A Kentucky “off-grid” family had their 10 children seized this week by authorities, and their supporters say they were targeted “simply because the government disagrees with their lifestyle and their educational choices.” …

Authorities ordered Joe Naugler to hand over all the children Thursday morning or face felony charges, and the family believes they were removed due to their “unschooling.”

The Nauglers follow the so-called unschooling method that allows children to learn through natural experiences – including play, household chores, travel, and personal courses of study.

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A family friend said that’s the way all children learned before public schooling.

“You let your kids decide the curriculum,” said family friend Pace Ellsworth. “In unschooling, education doesn’t take a backseat. It’s listening to what they’re interested in and fascinated in.”

Kentucky, like all states, sets minimum standards for child education that all families must follow — even if they are educated at home – and it’s not clear whether the Nauglers met those requirements.

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