Extortion of cities, through DOJ ‘investigations,’ continues under Loretta Lynch

Extortion of cities, through DOJ ‘investigations,’ continues under Loretta Lynch

As I’ve previously explained, the Democrat-controlled Congress in the first years of the Clinton presidency gave him the tool he needed: the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. It enables the attorney general to file lawsuits against cities and towns that, it contends, engage “in a pattern or practice of conduct by law enforcement officers . . . that deprives persons of [federal] rights.”

The Obama administration has used this heavy-handed provision as a sledgehammer to put numerous state and local police departments under federal supervision. The suits accuse cops of “excessive force, discriminatory harassment, false arrests, coercive sexual conduct, and unlawful stops, searches or arrests,” as the Justice Department puts it in a brochure. The DOJ then bludgeons the targeted municipalities into agreements — “consent decrees” — that impose Obama-approved policing methods.

Locales under the control of progressive Democrats tend to invite the administration to come “fix” their police. Other cities and towns would like to fight but they cannot compete with the Justice Department’s $28 billion budget; agreeing to comply is their only realistic option.

Holder lustily carried out the mission, but it is Obama’s policy. Not only has the new attorney general promptly sustained it; she has adopted what we might call her predecessor’s “pattern and practice” of imposing it…

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Under our new attorney general, the old story is replaying in Baltimore. …

It is an utterly predictable development but an amazing one nonetheless. As Investors Business Daily points out, “just two months ago, President Obama held up the Baltimore police force as a model of unbiased community policing.”

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