WH economist: ‘Important thing’ about O-care implementation ‘is that it was no worse’

WH economist: ‘Important thing’ about O-care implementation ‘is that it was no worse’

Speaking about Obamacare at a bastion for progressive socialist ideas, the Center for American Progress, White House economist Jason] Furmon stated:

“The important thing about this is it’s no worse.”


Millions have lost their healthcare coverage because of the costs or because their employers have reduced their hours to less than 30 per week so they no longer have to provide coverage.

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But that’s not the only way Obamacare has been hurting millions of Americans. Forbes reports:

“It’s pushed both deductibles and premiums through the roof. As a result, millions of consumers have been forced to buy overpriced insurance — and yet still have to empty their wallets when they visit the doctor’s office.”

“According to the online insurance marketplace HealthPocket, deductibles shot up 42 percent during the health law’s first year, compared to those for plans available pre-Obamacare. Today, almost one in seven Americans spends 10 percent or more of his or her income on out-of-pocket costs like deductibles.”

“Plans with high deductibles already dominate in many states. In Indiana, which uses the federally operated HealthCare.gov exchange, 24 of the 29 plans available have high deductibles — defined as at least $1,300 for individuals and $2,600 for families. In South Dakota, 31 of 38 plans do.”

“Next year will bring more of the same. A recent report from Modern Healthcare concluded that 60 to 80 percent of the plans sold in a given exchange market could have high deductibles.”

“These deductibles are squeezing ordinary Americans. According to a recent survey from the Commonwealth Fund, nearly half of all adults with annual incomes ranging from 100 to 399 percent of the poverty line — or about $12,000 to $48,000 — described their deductibles as “difficult or impossible to afford.”

“More than half of households between 100 and 250 percent of the poverty line — or about $24,000 to $59,000 — don’t have enough available cash to pay deductibles, noted the Kaiser Family Foundation in a recent study.”

I think Furmon has been smoking the same stuff as California’s top Obamacare supporter Nancy Pelosi has been smoking.

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