Power, principle, and freedom of speech

Power, principle, and freedom of speech

After decades of trumpeting free speech and the right to be endlessly provocative and insulting against the great religions of the world, the Left has suddenly begun hallucinating an exception to the First Amendment for “hate speech” – as if there’s some kind of “fighting words” law that says people who are really, really, really offended by what you’re saying can use force to silence you, including deadly violence. If you’re old enough to remember the liberal outrage against utterly non-violent censorship like the Moral Majority, it’s simply amazing to watch them collapse into a sniveling heap before the iron fist of Islam.

Of course, being the egotistical brats they are, liberals insist on portraying their craven cowardice as a soaring act of intellectual courage. They want credit for the enlightened mystical vision that allows them to see the muzzles, whips, and ball gags dangling from the First Amendment. Not many of them take this blend of arrogance and nitwittery as far as CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

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