Bernie Sanders is a serious contender

Bernie Sanders is a serious contender

[Ed. – In much the same way that Bill Press is a serious pundit]

For progressives, Sanders’s presence is especially important because he will champion and force debate on issues Clinton might not have otherwise talked about. Sanders believes campaigns should mean “serious debates about serious issues,” and that’s what he’ll deliver. Where she often hesitates to take a stand, he never does. On any issue.

Take the Trans-Pacific Partnership, for example — Sanders is leading the charge against it. Clinton used to be for it, now she’s “somewhere” in between. Nobody knows, and she won’t say.

Calling for nothing less than a “political revolution” against what he calls the “billionaire class,” Sanders has vowed to make his campaign the continuation of a life-long career of fighting for working families. He’s already on record for raising the minimum wage, investing in infrastructure, overturning Citizens United, making the wealthiest Americans and big corporations pay higher taxes, expanding Social Security and tackling the issue of climate change. He’ll raise all the issues Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren might. The only difference: She’s afraid to take on Clinton. He’s not.

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