Liberals broke Baltimore; conservatives can fix it

Liberals broke Baltimore; conservatives can fix it

The Baltimore riots have provoked mixed feelings in conservatives. Blue America is consuming itself, and it’s tempting just to stand back and watch the spectacle. What we’ve seen in Baltimore is a clash of Democratic constituencies in one of the bluest parts of America.

Understandably, conservatives feel far less angst about this than their liberal counterparts do. You broke this, Democrats. You buy it.

Thinking that way might cause us to miss an opportunity. Conservatives can do much better, if America will let us. Let’s make that case….

Progressive liberals have laid the foundation for the scene in Baltimore, in a thousand different ways. Their relentless expansion of the “social safety net” has undermined family and community structures, spawning a whole generation of undisciplined, angry, fatherless young men. The Democratic alliance with public-sector unions has left America’s cities with corrupt, ineffective, and massively expensive public services, while cementing ethnic rivalries that might otherwise have dissipated naturally over time.

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