‘Microaggression’ protest at Brandeis triggers fear in students it’s meant to speak for

‘Microaggression’ protest at Brandeis triggers fear in students it’s meant to speak for

[Ed. – Not sure what you do about this one.  Of course, some of the “microaggressions” on display are just old-fashioned insults.  Maybe vette the microaggression examples better?]

At Brandeis University, the Asian American Students Association (BAASA) sought to put the spotlight on and fight microaggressions through an installation on the steps of the Rabb Graduate Center, as announced on Facebook:

We have put up an installation at the Rabb steps to bring attention to microaggressions that are frequently heard in and out of the Brandeis community.

These words are microaggressions, targeted towards Asian (American) students drawn from our very own experiences on this campus. …

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We have completed this project in hopes that our peers will recognize the harm in seemingly innocuous comments, and think more critically about what they say. We hope that this will foster a healthy dialogue about racism in the Brandeis community and how harmful and pervasive microaggressions can be. We encourage you to create and continue discussion with your peers.

BAASA set up a Tumblr page with photos of the installation, including the Featured Image and these photos which contain offensive statements about Asians meant to reflect common “microaggressions”…

Apparently there was a backlash from Asian American students on campus, who felt the BAASA display itself was a microaggression.

The President of BAASA just circulated the following email to the entire Brandeis student body to apologize…

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