Your first grey pubic hair makes you feel close to death

Your first grey pubic hair makes you feel close to death

Finding your first grey hair is an uncanny experience no matter where it is. My left eyebrow held my very first grey hair, somewhere around the age of 34. I don’t remember growing my first grey hair in my mane, but I think it was fairly recently – perhaps around the age of 48. But discovering grey hairs in these places pales in comparison to that moment in the loo when I spied my first grey pube. You can forgive the stray eyebrow hair and claim that one grey hair atop your head is “premature”; the stray grey short and curly, however, feels like an harbinger of mortality.

In the years since I hit puberty, the hair on my head has been many colors – vibrant red, pale gold, bubblegum pink, beach-bunny highlighted, sable brown, and even its natural honey blonde. At 52, I have only a smattering of grey on my head; my choice to dye it has always stemmed from my enjoying other colors than from a feeling that I “need” to cover my greys. Regardless of the color I’ve chosen, dyeing or not-dyeing my head hair could never be construed as a feminist or political act. Were I to dye my pubes, it should be similarly free of subtext.

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