Dumbest warning-label warnings

Dumbest warning-label warnings

Here are a few stunningly stupid warning labels, obviously designed to forewarn the lowest common denominator of the consumer public:

  • Warning label on sleep aid Nytol, advertised as a “clinically proven night time sleep aid” — WARNING, MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS.
  • Warning label on several makes of chainsaws — DANGER! DO NOT HOLD WRONG END OF CHAINSAW. …
  • Sassoon hair dryer — DO NOT USE WHILE SLEEPING.
  • Blow torch gas bottle — CONTENTS MAY CATCH FIRE.
  • Reflective cardboard sun shades for car dashboards – DO NOT DRIVE WITH SUN SHIELD IN PLACE.
  • Craftsman power drill — POWER DRILL NOT INTENDED FOR DENTAL USE.

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