The AP’s embarrassing Marco Rubio ‘fact check’

The AP’s embarrassing Marco Rubio ‘fact check’

Following Marco Rubio’s announcement that he’s running for president, the Associated Press decided to “fact check” some of the candidate’s rhetoric…. [T]he AP really outdid itself in terms of pure hackish nonsense.

Here is the first claim the that AP’s Steve Peoples decided to “fact check”:

RUBIO: “Too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the 20th century.”

THE FACTS: On foreign policy, taxes and government spending, many of Rubio’s policies are rooted in Republican positions from the 1990s or even earlier.

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How in the world is Rubio’s clear statement of opinion a fact that could be objectively checked? And how does the fact that Rubio supports policies that have longstanding partisan support contravene what he said in any way? If there’s even one outdated 20th century law still on the books that’s doing more harm than good, that’s too many! And guess what, if you combed through the 80,000 pages of the Federal Register I bet we could find more than a few outdated policies — many of which even have a great deal of support in Washington for reasons that have nothing to do with whether the law benefits the vast majority of citizens.

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