Students consider renouncing U.S. citizenship to save up to $100K on college tuition

Students consider renouncing U.S. citizenship to save up to $100K on college tuition

If you live in Maryland and want to send your son or daughter to the University of Maryland, it currently costs $4,713.81 per semester for full time….

If you live in any other state and want to send you son or daughter to the same university, it would cost you $14,860.29 per semester….

Now how would you feel if your child was paying out-of-state tuition at either of these universities when students who violated federal immigration laws by entering the US illegally were allowed to pay the lower in-state tuition? Illegals can pay $100,000 less for a four year college education at either of these universities than your American born child is charged.

In fact, US citizens, international students with legal visas and legal immigrants who have followed proper immigration laws have to pay out-of-state tuition if they don’t live in any of these states.

Many students are going into tremendous debt in college loans just to attend these colleges and universities as out-of-state students. But what would they consider doing to avoid having to pay the outrageous difference?

Campus Reform asked out-of-state students attending UVA and UMD–both of which offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrants–whether they would consider renouncing their U.S. citizenship to become ‘undocumented students’ eligible for in-state tuition.”

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