Ballot as symbol: Would I vote for Hillary if she were a man?

Ballot as symbol: Would I vote for Hillary if she were a man?

I don’t yet know for sure who I’m voting for in the 2016 presidential election. As much as I prize the GOP primaries’ entertainment quotient, I’m probably voting for the Democratic candidate, because my first question on these matter is “Which candidate takes climate change most seriously?”

But I am not excited about Hillary Clinton. At all.

Very little about Clinton’s policy positions animates me — other than her strong support for early childhood education (which is my professional expertise), I don’t find her substantively compelling. Indeed, I find her hawkish approach to foreign policy repellent.

But I also have a daughter. And want very much to be able to say that I voted for the first American Madame President. Just as importantly, I want that first female presidency to come to the country as soon as possible.

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And yet: That is clearly offensive and patronizing. There’s something wrong with a straight white male voter who tells himself that he should vote for the female candidate simply because she has a strong chance of becoming the first female president. Put Hillary Clinton’s positions in a typically WASP-y male candidate’s body and I wouldn’t vote for him.

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