Who knew? Earth is actually in a CO2 famine

Who knew? Earth is actually in a CO2 famine

The responsible use of fossil fuels is a far cry from the planet-destroying industrial nightmare posited by the climate cult, and also from… well, whatever pre-industrial scenario the enemies of fossil fuel envision.  They’re remarkably shy about telling us what the ideal oil-free world would look like, much less leading the way by living in it themselves.

Likewise, the much-demonized carbon dioxide is vital, not a toxic substance to be eradicated at all costs. “At current CO2 levels of about 400 parts per million, the Earth remains in a CO2 famine compared to levels of 1,000 parts per million and higher that have prevailed since the Cambrian period, some 550 million years ago. The world has already shown noticeable ‘greening’ because plants are growing better and more extensively due to the modest increases of atmospheric CO2 seen over the past century,” the letter states, noting that the doomsday forecasts of the 80s and 90s anticipated a world very different from the one we can see outside our windows.

Rather than moderating these flawed apocalyptic predictions, the climate change movement doubled down, shifting to shrill rhetoric about “deniers” as a band of heretics funded by self-destructive tycoons, who presumably think they can show themselves a good time and check out before the much-delayed global warming Armageddon arrives.

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