Why white people aren’t as cool as black people

Why white people aren’t as cool as black people

[Ed. – You have to admit, he IS pretty cool.]

Obama seems to be the King Midas of political cool. Any topic he touches – whether it’s climate change, rap music, or health care – suddenly becomes hip. Even when he mixes up Star Wars and Star Trek, or makes an awkward attempt at greeting people in Jamaican patois, America is constantly giving him cool points.

But this will never happen for Rand Paul (should he by some strange turn of events be elected), or most other Republicans. The right wing are scrambling to figure out how to win over the youth – a group that is, more than ever, obsessed with coolness. The key to reaching this group might very well be to be cool; to beat Obama at his own game. But they won’t succeed. This is because they’re white – and white people are not as cool as black people.

Pity the conservatives: they will never win the cool war. Being cool is always going to mean reaching curiously towards something foreign and, as long as the right wing is focused on pushing the foreign away – whether that be immigrants, gay people, Muslims, women, or especially blacks – it will never be cool.

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