Gunfight! NRA snubs Rand Paul over his link to rival NAGR

Gunfight! NRA snubs Rand Paul over his link to rival NAGR

[Ed. – Yeah, yeah.  Do you want the insinuating nature of the Politico piece conveyed accurately or not?]

While Paul didn’t make the cut, the NRA is not writing him off for good. He maintains an A rating with the group, which acknowledges Paul is “good on Second Amendment issues.” According to the NRA, he might have been offered a speaking slot, too, had he reached out. The explanation from Paul’s camp is that he’s busy with events on the trail following the official launch of his campaign on Tuesday in Kentucky.

But make no mistake: the NRA’s snub of Paul is but the latest flashpoint in a long power struggle between the group and its rival, the National Association for Gun Rights.

It’s also a reminder of the candidate’s deep anti-establishment roots, which some supporters fear could harm his presidential campaign, especially when they are tied to entities that could compromise the message of inclusion that Paul is shaping.

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Dudley Brown, a pugnacious Coloradan, started the NAGR 15 years ago as a national companion organization to Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. He brands both organizations as the “no compromises” gun lobby, a less-than-subtle knock on the NRA for being too Washington-focused and less absolutist on Second Amendment issues.

The disdain is mutual — the NRA once dismissed Brown as “the Al Sharpton of the gun control movement.”

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