Oregon gun grabbers love a bill that infringes only on law-abiding Oregonians

Oregon gun grabbers love a bill that infringes only on law-abiding Oregonians

Friends across the nation often ask me “How can you, a social and fiscal conservative, live in that dark blue state?”

Simple: I was born in Salem, raised, for the most part, in Bend, Oregon, and this beautiful state is my home. By county and acres, Oregon remains mostly a red state dictated to by those Lefty politicrats in Portland and Eugene (Multnomah and Lane Counties).

I published an article, “Let’s Recalibrate Their Priorities!” in 2012:

I realize this is just one state–my state. But Oregon is surely a reasonable representation of the eventual result of unbridled, unjustified and unprecedented progressive ruling and legislation.

Those gate-keepers – the education and media elite – have succeeded in grooming a generation that sincerely believe humans are the avowed enemy of the planet. In their upside-down world-view, whales and seals are more important than babies, and old-growth timber is infinitely more precious than old loggers.

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