How to fix MSNBC

How to fix MSNBC

[Ed. – Good luck, Steve.  I fear this brand may be permanently damaged.]

Herein lies your way forward, MSNBC.

There is a growing segment of the population that does not believe it is being served by television media on either side of the ideological divide. Though Fox is a ratings giant, its total primetime audience adds up to only 2 percent of the people who voted in the last presidential election. …

These numbers make it clear the American people are looking for a paradigm change. They have grown weary of the traditional two-party Venn diagram in the media: The Democrat proxy apologizes for all forms of Democrat failure, and the Republican proxy apologizes for inexcusable Republican hypocrisy (and vice versa). Viewers are looking for something far more substantive and meaningful than the same old pundits debating the same old talking points that were already tuned out long ago.

Your parent network, NBCUniversal, obviously recognizes this trend. Two years ago, “The Bible” mini-series averaged 11.7 million viewers on the History Channel for 10 weeks, which is 20 times more total viewers than MSNBC’s primetime lineup averaged last year. …

Want more evidence? “Duck Dynasty” had 11.1 million viewers during the 2013-14 television season. Only three shows on NBC performed better.

There is clearly an untapped treasure trove of viewers out there.

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