Bosnian soccer fans, ‘pro-Palestinian’ mob chant ‘Kill the Jews!’ at rally in Vienna

Bosnian soccer fans, ‘pro-Palestinian’ mob chant ‘Kill the Jews!’ at rally in Vienna

Bosnian soccer fans who were in Vienna, Austria on Friday for a match between Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina, chanted “Kill the Jews” alongside pro-Palestinian demonstrators in central Stephanplatz square before heading to the game. It was a frightening spectacle that proved anti-Semitism is still a jarring reality in Europe. …

At first they stood calmly and shouted “Free Palestine” back and forth. Then, one can hear a single voice among the protestors shout out “Kill the Jews.” The calls to violence swelled as the other protestors joined. In a swarm of rage, they began to jump up and down shouting “Ubij, ubij Židove,” which means “Kill, kill the Jews.”

Anti-Semitic demonstrations such as this were ubiquitous last summer throughout Europe when hostilities between Israel and the terror organization Hamas reached a dangerous climax. In one particular example of hate, protesters looted shops and burned cars in Sarcelles, France while others chanted “Gas the Jews!”

Other forms of Jewish hatred are not so apparent. A piece in The Guardian on Sunday profiled seven Jewish people living Europe, beginning with this introduction, “These are gruelling times for those in Europe who identify themselves as Jewish or have a Jewish background.” The featured European citizens described specific acts of prejudice aimed against them as they tried to live their normal lives.

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