Apple watch likely to expand, intensify ‘work place monitoring’ by employers

Apple watch likely to expand, intensify ‘work place monitoring’ by employers
Apple CEO Tim Cook

[Ed. – Worth checking out this whole article.  Can your job be effectively analyzed through this kind of work place monitoring?  More and more employers may want to investigate that.]

Orion telematics system algorithmic route selection is integrated into the working life of UPS drivers through hand-held delivery-information acquisition devices (DIAD), and more than 200 sensors on every delivery truck. The DIAD tracks everything from delivery time, speed, stop times and seat-belt use.

From a Taylorist perspective, this data tool is observing and judging every moment of employees’ working lives. Each time a driver stops and scans a package for delivery, the system records the time, location and wait. It records the same details again when a customer signs for the package. Supervisors receive all this “big-data” in real time.

Most American workers do not believe their job could be constantly managed like a UPS driver, because they believe their managers could not have them carry a telematics hand-held DIAD to constantly measure their movements. But by giving an i-Watch to every employee, Taylorite managers would have the ability to measure and control all their employees’ movements.

The i-Watch is a powerful “wrist-held” computer with Bluetooth connection to the Internet. The first i-Watch model features programmable “activity collection” to measure workouts through GPS location tracking, bio-metric logging, a stop watch, and data link.

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