MSM vetting Scott Walker down to how much his sweater cost

MSM vetting Scott Walker down to how much his sweater cost

[Ed. – Where was this scrutiny when Barack Obama was running?]

When Gov. Scott Walker took his presidential ambitions to New Hampshire, he shared a penny-pinching story that would have been right at home in bargain-hunting Wisconsin.

At the center of the story: A new sweater, a dollar and Menomonee Falls-based Kohl’s.

The department store chain is well known for its deep discounts — ones so deep that the company has faced legal challenges over its pricing practices in Kansas, Massachusetts and California. At issue in the California case, for instance, was complaints that the retailer listed “normal” prices for products but never sold them for that price.

Walker likes to point out that shortly after he was married, his wife, Tonette, was mortified because he didn’t know the drill at Kohl’s. In Concord, N.H., he told the crowd at a March 14, 2015 workshop about a “critical mistake” he made while shopping at a Kohl’s store.


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