I’m so over these gay cakes

I’m so over these gay cakes

First off, I’d like to say that pretty much all cakes are gay.  Duh.  No offense, of course. …

With my stance of the effeminacy of pretty much all cakes established, please, do tell, who the hell demands someone bake them a cake?  That. Is. So. Gay.

For God’s sake, man, go to a gay cakemaker or pick your haggard backside up and go to HEB and get some Betty Crocker cake mix, make your own damn cake and shut the heck up and help us focus on killing Islamic death-jockeys who sure as shiitake won’t bake you a frickin’ cake should they ever take the helm.

Honestly, obviously, and for the record, I find your fascistic demands for a private Christian business to bake you a gay cake as odious as I would if the Westboro Baptist Church berated a gay baker to build them a Sodom and Gomorrah cake commemorating its destruction.

In addition, gay dudes, why would you, the gay person, want to patronize someone who doesn’t dig your lifestyle?  Unless, you’re trying to stir up some faux political rage to distract us all from how Obama is screwing our nation or how Hillary’s email scandal makes Nixon look like an Amish schoolmarm?  Why would you want to give your hard earned drachmas to someone who isn’t down with your “life-style”?

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