To promote ‘inclusive’ work environment, EPA to give staff ‘storytelling’ training

To promote ‘inclusive’ work environment, EPA to give staff ‘storytelling’ training
(Image: AP via WFB)

The EPA’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) Diversity Dialogue Group (DDG) explained that they are “seeking storytelling training for our staff and managers as part of the 2015 OGC Diversity Dialogue Initiative.”

“The DDG is a staff-driven office diversity initiative intended to achieve the following two (2) outcomes: (1) a workplace where individuals feel respected, valued and included, and (2) an enhanced sense of connection across diverse individuals in the office,” the statement of work(SOW) said. “One of the ways we hope to achieve these outcomes is through offering OGC staff and managers training in workplace storytelling.”

The EPA said storytelling is an effective way to creating an “inclusive workplace.” …

Prospective contractors have until April 13 to bid on the contract. Once a contractor is selected they will prepare the training session, which will take place at the EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C. …

Participating EPA employees will…be able to practice telling stories during the training and be instructed on how telling stories “promotes workplace diversity.”

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