Fascinating: ACLU lays off 7% of its lawyers. Wailing, gnashing of teeth ensue

Fascinating: ACLU lays off 7% of its lawyers. Wailing, gnashing of teeth ensue
Slapping choice out of citizens' hands, for YOUR safety.

[Ed. – Wyoming will actually be left without an ACLU office.  Could be seen as a good thing.  Could also mean that ACLU will entirely stop doing the occasional good work it does, and use its reduced legal firepower solely for the wrong causes.]

The American Civil Liberties Union, theoretically a non-ideological defender of the Constitution but in practice increasingly hard left, is running into financial difficulties and just announced (memo to staffers here)  layoffs for 7 percent of its lawyers.

Why the difficulties? It’s a little unclear, but Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit writes, “What I hear is that they’ve moved too far left, too fast, and it’s hurt their donations.” The organization itself cites something that happened 6 years ago in its memo – the ending of a $22 million annual grant from a family it does not identify, owing to their investment losses (presumably in the 2008 stock market crash). But six years is a lot of time to adjust hiring and other expenses to diminished income, not to mention scare up other donors. …

And as you might expect from a group of people used to complaining about rights being violated, there is some complaining about their rights being violated.  The Above the Law website reports:

Here’s what some of our tipsters have said about the ACLU’s layoffs earlier this week:

  • “It was shocking because this is the ACLU. People were in tears and very upset. The news came out of nowhere. The email alluded to a ‘yearlong process of strategic planning,’ yet some of the people affected had been hired less than a year ago — which raises questions of incompetence on the part of ACLU leadership.”
  • “The ACLU had a mass layoff Monday and Tuesday. People are very upset. Affected workers were told to pack their belongings and immediately leave the premises. Morale is extremely low. Affected employees were not given any notice and some have expressed feeling blindsided.”

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