Islamic State firebugs burn ‘infidel chicken’ rather than feed the hungry

Islamic State firebugs burn ‘infidel chicken’ rather than feed the hungry
(Image: AP via Breitbart

[Ed. – Being from America trumps being certified halal compliant, apparently.]

The difficulty of life under the dominion of a psychopathic jihad state is highlighted by a Foreign Policy article cheekily entitled “Death to the Infidel Chicken!” ISIS has been busy burning boxes of chicken because the food is supposedly impure from their religious standards, while ten million hungry people watch. (For the record, the food was certified halal, i.e. compliant with Islamic dietary restrictions).

As usual, the Islamic State was eager to spread its brutal antics across social media, producing a stream of Tweets that show grim overseers dumping piles of frozen chicken into a ditch and setting them ablaze in the midst of a country wracked by years of savage civil war, where the U.N. estimates 9.8 million people need food…

Hungry people are more likely to obey those who feed them. Wiping out the stockpile of “infidel chicken” gives ISIS a sharp instrument of enforced starvation to punish the disobedient.

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