‘Eco-village’ squatters plague 800-year Magna Carta anniversary plans at Runnymede

‘Eco-village’ squatters plague 800-year Magna Carta anniversary plans at Runnymede
Here comes the law. (Image: Demotix, Mark Kerrison via BBC)

[Ed. – Europeans and their very special problems.]

A row over squatters threatens to overshadow the celebrations marking the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in Runnymede. But are these eco-villagers the new freedom fighters?

By the time the Queen and thousands of dignitaries gather by the River Thames, a group of squatters may well have been evicted from their home less than two miles away.

Some of the inhabitants of Runnymede Eco-Village, who have been there since 2012, believe the eviction proceedings have been sped up so they can be removed before the Magna Carta celebrations in June. …

The site is owned by developers Orchid Runnymede and is next to the Magna Carta site owned by the National Trust.

Orchid Runnymede have said the squatters are illegally on the land, which is about to become a construction site for housing. …

[The squatters] call themselves Diggers 2012 after the 17th Century movement whereby landless people took over or squatted on commons and fields during the English Civil War.

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