Epic cheating trial ends; 11 teachers could face 20 years jail time

Epic cheating trial ends; 11 teachers could face 20 years jail time
Angela Williamson, one of the convicted teachers (Source: AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kent D. Johnson, Pool)

A jury has found 11 ex-educators in Atlanta guilty of participating in a massive cheating scandal, and one of those educators was a fired 4th-grade teacher previously found innocent by a disciplinary tribunal.

That teacher, Angela Williamson, is in shock right now, her lawyer, Gerald Griggs, told Business Insider on Wednesday afternoon.

Children testified in court that Williamson did not cheat, as did a testing proctor who worked with her, according to Griggs.

“I was definitely expecting an acquittal. It was shock when the conviction came back. I don’t really know, at this point, what the jury based their decision on,” he said.

“I believe we proved that she didn’t do these things. I am very curious to find out what the jury based its decision on with regard to her because we actually presented a case,” he said.

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