Why Indiana needs a Church of Gay

Why Indiana needs a Church of Gay
Source: Nathan Chute/Reuters

Maybe it’s time to start the Church of Gay. Or actually pass state and federal laws specifying that gay businesses have the legal right to discriminate against religious fundamentalists. Time to fight special rights with special rights.

After all, Indiana’s new “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” does just that—it confers special rights on a small minority of citizens and, importantly, their private businesses, to disregard other laws and the constitution and discriminate against other citizens. The law isn’t about protecting religious freedom; it’s about hiding the impulse toward ugly and un-American discrimination beneath the distraction of more palatable rationalizations.

In response, yes, there should be court challenges and tourism boycotts and more. But I would also like to propose the “Gay Freedom Restoration Act.” And should such a law fail to pass in Indiana or other states, then I will be starting the Church of Gay. Allow me to explain.

First, you need to understand that, despite what some have insisted, the Indiana law differs from the federal “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” and similar state laws in two important ways.

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