Pence caves on Indiana religious freedom law

Pence caves on Indiana religious freedom law

Standing on one side of the fork in the road is a huge number of conservatives and libertarians who still believe the Constitution means what it says. That our rights come from “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” and cannot be redefined or dictated to by any human entity — most of all government.

These are the people that rallied to the defense of Indiana when it became the 20th state to pass a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” A bill that simply reaffirms the original intent of the First Amendment, and frankly in a constitutional republic shouldn’t be necessary in the first place since we already have a Bill of Rights.

Standing on the other side of the fork in the road is the vast majority of the elected officials within the Republican Party. Politicians who all-too-often turn on the very people that put them there, in order to appease the latest contrived hysteria cooked up by those that would never support Republicans in the first place. For reasons varying from gutlessness to fecklessness, they are often the best friends the Democrats have.

For the sake of this conversation, Indiana’s top three Republicans represent this faction — Governor Mike Pence, Speaker Brian Bosma, and Senate President David Long, although the latter two seem far prouder of it. After working together to protect religious liberty, these three have now decided to throw religious liberty under the bus altogether. Apparently when Marxists attack the Constitution it needs “clarifying.”

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