Inevitable: CA lawmaker wants only ‘smart guns’ legal for civilian use

Inevitable: CA lawmaker wants only ‘smart guns’ legal for civilian use
(Image via Breitbart)

California state senator Jerry Hill (D-Dist. 13) has introduced a bill to “mandate” smart guns as the only kind of guns law-abiding Californians can “sell, lend, or give” to another law-abiding Californian.

The bill, SB 678, defines a smart gun as “a firearm that will only fire when activated by an authorized user.”

Breitbart News has previously reported that smart guns are far more expensive than traditional firearms, so much so that a smart gun requirement would immediately make gun ownership a “rich man’s game.” For example, the Armatix iP1 — a smart gun with which the left is infatuated — costs $1800 per pistol, whereas traditional Glock handguns can purchased brand new for around $500.

Moreover, the Armatix iP1 is only chambered in .22 caliber, a poor self-defense round by any measure and an especially poor round when the home intruder who kicks in your door is armed with a traditional .38, 9mm, 45 auto, or 10 mm. He wins, you lose.

In addition to this, smart guns that use bracelets or watches that activate the gun via “radio frequency,” as SB 678 describes can be jammed in a manner similar to cell phone service. Smart gun proponents have already talked about so-called safety that could be afforded school children by creating buffer zones in which the radio signals could be jammed around schools.

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