Illegals are stealing better jobs away from American citizens than you think

Illegals are stealing better jobs away from American citizens than you think

According to a new report from the folks at Pew Research Center, illegals are starting to fill more professional type jobs than the common perception portrays. Pew Reports:

“In a reflection of changes in the overall economy since the Great Recession, the U.S. unauthorized immigrant workforce now holds fewer blue-collar jobs and more white-collar ones than it did before the 2007-2009 recession…”

“…The number of unauthorized immigrants in management or professional related jobs grew by 180,000, while the number in construction or production jobs fell by about 475,000, mirroring rises and declines in the overall U.S. economy. The share of all unauthorized immigrant workers with management and professional jobs grew to 13% in 2012 from 10% in 2007, and the share with construction or production jobs declined to 29% from 34%.”

“Unauthorized immigrants made up 5.1% of the nation’s labor force in 2012, numbering 8.1 million who were working or looking for work.”

It seems that the longer illegals stay in our country and are educated by our tax dollars the more better paying jobs they are acquiring. This also indicates that many American citizens are having to compete with illegals for these better paying jobs and obviously losing that competition.

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