Hillary is too old to run

Hillary is too old to run
The real Hillary (too real?)

Clinton … seems tired. As a woman who is the same age as Clinton, I can understand it. I travel a great deal — about 100,000 miles a year — but nothing like Clinton will when she runs.

Sixteen-hour days are one thing when you’re in your 40s and another as you approach 70. And, let’s face it, women may hold a gender advantage with the public on some personal attributes, but age isn’t one of them.

Clinton will be 69 in 2016 — the same age as Ronald Reagan was in 1980 when he ran and won in a landslide.

But age was kinder to Reagan, as it often is to men. Reagan managed to convey energy and vigor by riding horseback and chopping wood in his leisure time and engaging with voters and debating on the campaign trail.

Clinton doesn’t seem to have that same gift. Sure, it’s not fair that women are judged more harshly on age — but it probably matters in an election, even if few people are willing to say so.

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