Harry Reid: Not only handsome but a powerful man

Harry Reid: Not only handsome but a powerful man

[Ed. – Greatest ROTFLOL moment I’ve had in at least 96 hours.  Would never think of keeping it to myself.]

Much has and will be written about what Reid has done—the good, the bad and the ugly. But this towering figure with the unimposing physique, this man who inspired both abject fear and unwavering loyalty, this politician without the self-editing mechanism but who could relentlessly stay on message (ask the Kochs), this latter-day Machiavelli who held his friends close and closed the door on his enemies, this man who rhetorically lambasted Republicans but also worked privately with them to pass or block bills: Reid is a marvelous and mysterious dichotomy who used both skill sets—the implacable and impassive Michael Corleone and the generous and solicitous Santa Claus—to change the direction of the country, the Senate and his home state. …

I come neither to praise nor to bury Reid—he has 21 months left to infuriate Republicans and pass pork (sorry, senator)—but instead to explain just what this latter-day Caesar has meant to the Nevada he ruled as he did the Senate, with an iron fist only occasionally encased in a mailed glove.

“If that’s the worst thing anyone says about me, that I ruled the Senate with an iron fist, I’m OK with that,” Reid said on a Las Vegas NPR affiliate a few hours after his retirement announcement.

Oh, that’s far from the worst they will say and have said. One of the remarkable phenomena about Reid, especially noticeable during his last re-election bid in 2010, has been the raw hatred he engenders in people.

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