A special kind of stupid: Hysteria over Indiana’s religious freedom law

A special kind of stupid: Hysteria over Indiana’s religious freedom law

The original RFRA was passed 20 years ago with overwhelming support by a Democratic-majority Congress, then signed into law by yet another Democrat, President Clinton. …

And Mr. Clinton isn’t the only Democrat president who has supported RFRA. President Obama voted for similar legislation when he was in the Illinois Legislature. In fact, 19 states have RFRA laws on the books, including liberal states like Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. No member of that trio has voted Republican in a presidential election in almost 30 years. …

So why is Indiana being singled out by the tolerance mob for scorn and boycott?

Chalk that up to the religious bigots who populate much of our lamestream media these days. …

These three people in particular should be singled out and called out for their special kind of stupid:

Nancy Armour, USA Today
Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated
Keith Olbermann, ESPN

Each of them urged the NCAA to pull out of Indiana – including this weekend’s Final Four – in response to legislation that simply reasserts that the First Amendment is still law.

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