The data prove that marriage matters

The data prove that marriage matters

Back before self-esteem spirit animals and pre-nup voodoo dominated the contents of free-form wedding vows, we had simple yet robust odes like ‘in sickness and in health’ and ‘for richer or poorer.’

The true magic of those words lies in their claim that the deepest reserves of sacrificial love can still be tapped when life’s trials are the most daunting.

But there is another angle to consider when ‘for richer or poorer’ is weighed and measured in light of modern data. When it comes to viewing marriage as a kind of lottery ticket, richer stands out as a safe bet. In fact, marriage alone appears to be the silver bullet par excellence for fighting poverty according to research conducted by the “centrist” Brookings Institution.

As reported recently by both National Review and the Acton Institute, children born in the lowest income quintile to married parents who stayed married had just a 19 percent chance of remaining at the bottom. Which means a married mom and a dad provided those children a better than 80% chance of escaping poverty.

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