Graphic designers pile on to critique Ted Cruz’s new campaign logo

Graphic designers pile on to critique Ted Cruz’s new campaign logo
Candidate, with logo.

[Ed. – Everybody’s a critic.]

The logo Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) selected for his 2016 presidential campaign has left some graphic designers baffled.

Cruz unveiled the symbol on Monday when he announced his White House bid and immediately social media lit up with posts comparing the image to either a tear or an upside down burning flag.

Others pointed out the similarity of Cruz’s logo to the symbols for the Al Jazeera news service, the satiric Onion newspaper, and the flame representing the Tinder dating app. …

Debbie Millman, chair of the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, agreed that the optics were puzzling.

“SO MUCH needs to be said about this,” she told Business Insider about the Cruz logo.

“I think the logo is terrible, for two reasons. First: Really? He’s running for President and this is the absolute best he can come up with? It’s so ho-hum, it is so predictable and boring, that the immediate impression it projects is YAWN. Second: So the flame includes a burning flag? Isn’t that illegal?”

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