CNN on Bergdahl: Isn’t 5 years in captivity punishment enough?

CNN on Bergdahl: Isn’t 5 years in captivity punishment enough?
Bowe Bergdahl, in limbo at Fort Hood, TX in the summer of 2014. (Image: Eugene Fidell via ABC News Radio online)

In a panel discussion Wednesday following the U.S. Army’s announcement of charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin asked if five years in captivity by terrorists was “not punishment enough.”

Baldwin posed the question to special forces veteran Scott Mann.

BALDWIN: Col. Mann, you have those … on the opposite end vilifying him. Again, this is someone who was held, you know, for five years by terrorists. Is that not – this is what some say – is that not punishment enough?

Mann responded, “Well, no … if he is found guilty of desertion,” but noted that the process must be allowed to “play out.”  He also warned that the focus on Bergdahl could “cause us to lose focus” on the thousands of men and women still fighting in Afghanistan, which is at a “critical juncture right now.”

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