Why the GOP should fear Al Gore in 2016

Why the GOP should fear Al Gore in 2016

Al Gore says he is not running for president (yet) and that’s good news for the GOP. With support for Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential bid rapidly declining among Democrats, influential Vox writer, Ezra Klein, recently birthed an amusing scenario with his widely reported piece titled, “Al Gore should run for president.”

Given Klein’s main premise — “climate change is an existential threat”, combined with Gore’s environmental leadership, and his role as a global visionary — obligates him to run for president in 2016.

After Klein’s piece made a media splash, it was reported that Al Gore was not interested in running. But the reality is that if Mrs. Clinton falters, Democrats have no new rising stars capable of winning a general election. In fact, all they have are old falling stars — and in the Democrat Party universe the biggest, dullest and greatest fallen rock star of all is the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee, Al Gore.

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