Minnesota: Somali students stage walkout, protest over ‘bullying’ post on social media

Minnesota: Somali students stage walkout, protest over ‘bullying’ post on social media

[Ed. – Neither side is defensible on this.  The problem is the left encouraging kids to think snark is “dissent,” and to claim victim status when you’re the object of snark.  Everybody shut up, do your homework, and learn to be responsible members of society.  This predictable, lowest-common-denominator behavior is just not interesting.]

Reports of a fight triggered a lockdown at St. Cloud Technical High School Friday, summoning police, sheriff’s deputies and State Troopers to the same place more than 100 students and parents gathered on the lawn Wednesday to protest what they describe as an insufficient response by Tech teachers and administrators to their concerns.

Lt. Jeff Oxton of the St. Cloud Police Department says Friday’s altercation never rose to a criminal level, and authorities stayed on hand mostly to keep the situation calm. …

Superintendent Willie Jett said administrators met with Tech student protesters throughout the day Thursday, one day after the protest. A larger group meeting is planned for Friday to further discuss their concerns, Jett said. …

Protesters said the catalyst for Wednesday’s protest was a social media post that pictured a Somali Tech student in a wheelchair and implied she was affiliated with the Islamic State terrorist organization. …

Kulane said the protestors’ goal was not to make everyone the same or believe the same things, but to support multiculturalism and have respect for each other.

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