Former SecState James Baker: I signed the OF-109 form

Former SecState James Baker: I signed the OF-109 form

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The State Department stirred controversy Tuesday when it said it has no record that Hillary Clinton had signed the same form, known officially as OF-109, which requires employees to attest they’ve turned over all official records before their departure. According to the Foreign Affairs Manual, all employees are required to sign the form when “terminating employment” or when they are “otherwise to be separated [from the Department] for a continuous period of 60 days or more.”

According to Baker’s policy assistant, John Williams, Baker signed OF-109 on August 24, 1992, the day he left the State Department to serve as White House chief of staff to George H. W. Bush.

Baker’s testimony casts doubt on the explanation offered by State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki about why Clinton may not have signed the same form. Psaki told reporters that the department’s most senior employees often do not sign the separation statement verifying the return of their documents because “there’s a long tradition of secretaries of state making themselves available to future secretaries and presidents and secretaries are typically allowed to maintain their security clearance and access to their own records for use in writing their memoirs and the like.”

“Hence, this is not a form that many would have signed,” Psaki said.

But Baker, who retained his security clearance at the White House and continued to offer counsel to the president, clearly falls into the camp of former secretaries described by Psaki.

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