African refugees flooding Europe: Requests for asylum in Italy up 143% in one year

African refugees flooding Europe: Requests for asylum in Italy up 143% in one year

Latest figures from the European Union show a remarkable leap in volumes of people coming to Europe, and major point of entry Italy especially, as 64,625 applied for refugee status in the country last year.

The figure is a significant increase on the 26,620 who applied in 2013 reports, which itself was a bumper year for arrivals. But both figures are likely to be dwarfed by the number of asylum seekers who will arrive in 2015, when the official figures are released next year.

Almost every week now brings news of a record day of migrants rescued from the Mediterranean by the Italian Navy or coastguard. Breitbart London reported last month on a bumper weekend in which a staggering 2,164 were plucked from the waves, as their ships faltered on the journey to Italy. At one point a single Italian warship had 500 migrants on board. …

After an incident with a migrant boat last month, where a gang of machine-gun carrying Libyans threatened an unarmed Italian coastguard ship to return their smuggling boats after the refugees onboard had been rescued, Italy has declared a change of policy.Declared earlier this month, all 11,000 members of the Coastguard will be allowed to carry arms, a move designed to protect them and their ships from both armed criminals and Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

The strain of receiving so many ‘new Europeans’ is taking its toll in many parts of Italy where the asylum seekers are billeted. Breitbart London reported last week on an Asylum centre in a Rome suburb which has been the subject of repeated arson attacks in recent months. Last year, it was the focus of a weeks rioting by locals after complaints the inmates were sexually abusing local girls.

Last week, the centre was set on fire again after local residents were told they were to be evicted from their council-owned homes, while the asylum centre was to remain open.

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