Black liberals and Oklahoma’s video racists

Black liberals and Oklahoma’s video racists

The emergence last week of a cellphone video that shows University of Oklahoma students singing a racist ditty about lynching blacks disgusted people nationwide. But the reaction among some black liberals was closer to glee.

“See, I keep telling you that old-fashioned racism is alive and well in this country,” wrote Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post. “After the fraternity bus sing-along at the University of Oklahoma, do you hear me now?”

Liberals tell us that they long for a post-racial America, yet they push an agenda predicated on keeping race front and center in our national discussions. They advocate social policies like affirmative action, which amounts to a racial spoils system. And they practice an identity politics that divvies up voters by race and ethnicity and then pits separate groups against one another.

The black left, meanwhile, specializes in scouring America for signs of remnant racism and seizing on them as evidence that little or nothing has really changed.

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