The Civil War of 2016 – Hillary Clinton vs. Scott Walker

The Civil War of 2016 – Hillary Clinton vs. Scott Walker

The Civil War of 2016 is looming large even though Nov. 8, 2016’s “Mother of All Battles” is still 20 months away.

One can see and feel the dark, ominous clouds gathering on the horizon. Hopefully, the war will not involve the use of any deadly weapons but this red verses blue battle could prove to be the most brutal, expensive, nasty, long and divisive election campaign in our nation’s history.

As in the last presidential election, the usual contentious domestic issues such as big government, entitlement programs, tax reform, jobs, education, Obamacare, federal debt, income inequality, culture wars, immigration and race will all be hotly contested. But what will turn the 2016 election into the Civil War of 2016 is a concept we call: “Polarizing politicians for a polarized nation.”

Sure, the last several presidential contests have all been polarizing. However, the growing belief that our nation is in decline, losing its stature and ability to influence world events — coupled with the desperate need for a leader who can turn things around — positions our nation atop a high emotional pyramid.

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