These Millennials will be the death of us

These Millennials will be the death of us

For example, according to author and columnist Janice Shaw Crouse, a whopping 70 percent of American males between the ages of 20-34 are single and living in a state of “perpetual adolescence.” These are obviously prime reproductive years and most young men appear to be sitting them out, or at the very least they’re inseminating and then splitting as evidenced by an out-of-wedlock birth rate that has soared to 41 percent of all childbirths, according to the CDC. Furthermore, U.S. census data points out that almost one-third of millennials are still living at home with either mom and/or dad.

So for the first time in American history, married heterosexual couples with children comprise the minority of households. …

Of the 22 industrialized countries that took part in a job-skills survey overseen by a branch of Princeton University, American millennials ranked in the bottom third overall. Still worse, in the category of “problem solving in technology-rich environments,” our young adults ranked dead last. …

Gone are the generally agreed upon moral principles of past generations like the Ten Commandments, and they have been replaced by two entirely different and largely irreconcilable worldviews. It’s gotten so bad out there that even the notoriously leftist New York Times just published an op-ed bemoaning “our kids don’t believe in moral facts.”

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